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Stop bad behavior with our successful training classes

No matter what behavior you're looking to stop, our training classes will be able to provide the help you need.  Potty training, behavior modification, and obedience are just a few of the many things we train in our classes.  Our affordable classes are the best way to quickly change the behavior of your pet, all while having fun!

Inappropriate behaviors are natural

When your dog is young, these unwanted behaviors are natural and will occur frequently.  It is important to stop these behaviors as early as possible, and with our training courses, you can do just that! Stop by today for even more information. Private or Group, obedience classes for puppies and adult dogs to learn skills and manners. Other classes such as agility for fun, fly ball, and fit paws are fun ways to burn energy, exercise, work training skills, build confidence and teamwork.

Training builds relationships

Going to training classes not only eliminates bad behaviors, but it creates an even stronger bond between owner and pet! We offer a wide range of classes, from introductory to advanced. Positive training helps build a wonderful, lifelong relationship with your canine family member! Puppy and Adult Obedience, Puppy and Adult Agility for fun.


- Certified trainers

- A fun and safe environment

- Private lessons available


*We also carry harnesses, leads, and leashes, as well as custom-made leashes and harnesses.

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