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Bring your pet for a luxurious stay!

We pride ourselves in providing a resort-like stay for your pet. Our staff is incredibly friendly and attentive, and will treat your pet with consideration and respect. The facilities are large, clean, and provide a fun and safe environment for your pet to stay in. For all breeds of Dogs and Cats! While we care for your pet, you should provide the food and we will feed your friend while they’re here and administer medications if needed.

Dogs will love their vacation here!

If you're leaving town or just need day to day help managing your pets, bring them here! Our doggy daycare is the perfect place for any dog - we provide fun and healthy activities, as well as a large area to play in.


Owners must provide food and any specific toys or special bedding that the dog may require.

Benefits we provide

- All size kennels

- Suites for 3 or more family pets

- Exercise 3-6 times a day

- Fenced in social area

- Food and water bowls provided

- Clean Large Indoor Kennels

- Special Care to Pets Needing Medication

- Attentive Staff

- Both stoned and grass areas

- Small Appropriate Sized Play Groups

- Pets with disabilities are welcome!

- Private walks included at no extra charge

- Over 18 years experience

- Many more..!

Leaving your pet can be a stressful time - leave them in the hands of passionate animal lovers with almost  23 years of boarding experience.

Call today for more information!


Drop-off and pick-up times  


9am-11am & 5pm-7pm

Pick Up Only Time - 7am-8am

$42/Day per dog

$20/Day per cat

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