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Most grooming and boarding services cater to dogs, but at Yetto's, we specialized in cat grooming. We provide a fun and safe environment for your cat while you are away! Bring them here to socialize with others, have a large play environment, and be taken care of by some of the most experienced boarders in the area.

We also offer fantastic services for cats!

Cats need even more attention

Cats are highly social and very intelligent animals, and require special attention. Our staff will personally take care of your cat to ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay while you're away - they may not even know you're gone! Place for your cat to feel like and adventure, natural settings indoor.


*Special provisions made for special needs cats.

Your cat will never be bored

At Yettos, we bring the outdoors inside. We provide plenty of fun and healthy activities for your cat to enjoy, so you know your cat will be exercising with other cats! This is the perfect place for you to bring your cat, and will provide a fun and healthy stay.


Bring your cat by for a pampered and relaxing stay in one of our luxurious cat compartments! You know your furry friend will be in the best hands at Yetto's!

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