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Support development, growth, and training of your dog


Not only do we groom your furry friend, watch him or her, and groom them, we offer K-9 Therapy. K-9 Therapy gives your doggie a start to a healthy life style. We tend to injuries and muscle strains with a therapeutic massage. Our techniques help to improve circulation throughout your dog's bod, and keeps your furry animal nice and healthy.

What massage therapy can do for your furry friend

A dog massage is not just for injuries, but also for ongoing orthopedic issues, such as arthritis and hip dysplasia. These conditions can effect your dogs posture and how they carry out a normal day of activities. These conditions are produced within the muscular system, the canine massage can help to reduce soreness, tension, and overcompensation of the muscles.


Massage therapy work the animals entire body thus, helping the animal maintain good posture and balance. Massage will also increase circulation and blood flow. These together will reduce the risk of injury and assist with your pet’s recovery.


Massage will keep the arthritic animal more comfortable by breaking up muscle adhesions that can form due to lack of movement. These adhesions can make toxins build up in the muscle and body and cause restricted movement.  A massage breaks up the adhesions, increases blood flow, therefore assisting the body in expelling these toxins naturally.


Massage also releases “feel-good” endorphins which are the body’s natural pain relievers and, these endorphins also promote relaxation. Massage can also help animals deal with fear, stress, and anxiety. We also do Bach flower therapy.


Stress and tension as we know has been linked to depression, irritability and other health issues. Humans receive massage to release their tension and stress, which makes them feel better, happier, and more productive. If your pet is stressed, they may pick up an unwanted behavior such a separation anxiety, chewing, always being off by themselves and not wanting attention, just to name a few.


A massage can take approximately 1 hour and needs to be performed  in a quiet area by our certified K-9 massage therapist. Call today to make an appointment.

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